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Audit Service

Your are operating I'Car DMS daily… But are you sure of using it fully?

Optimizing I'Car DMS use means securing the efficiency of your teams and your investment durability!

I'Car Systems helps improving your results by realizing a customized audit of I'Car DMS in your organization.

I'Car DMS audit service, why?

To concretely deal with 3 issues you are confronted to

Your Team Turnover

Staff changes might break the DMS knowledge chain, which is harmful to your productivity and service quality.
It is essential to identify who in your teams owns this DMS knowledge and to what extent, in order to strengthen or share it where needed.

DMS Structural Underutilization

I'Car DMS is interfaced with many applications to daily support you in managing your different businesses: sales, workshop and warehouse.
Your DMS functional scope is wide and finding all support and automation available to users is not always obvious.
Checking team methods and steady skill improvement is key to fully use your solution capabilities.

I'Car DMS Permanent Evolution

I'Car DMS evolves to constantly improve your results. Version upgrades both include new features and product core improvements but also brand interface developments. Thus these updates also require steady upgrade training for your teams.

What does I'Car DMS Customized Audit bring to You?

• Fully use all I'Car DMS capabilities
• Improve your team results
• Ensure return over investment
• Provide quality customer relation