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The Reference ERP for Automotive Groups

Car retail market is becoming more complex: increasing competition and customer expectations, digitalized demand, more and more expensive investments, evolving profit sources, ever more stringent stock management… to meet these challenges, you need a reliable and modular data system that places the customer at the heart of your processes.

I'Car DMS fits in your structure, whatever your organization is (dealer or multibrand retail group). With a unique solution, I'Car DMS, cover all your professions and sites.

I'Car DMS Assets

  • Multibrands, multicompanies, multisites
  • Manufacturer interfaces
  • Business, accounting and HR interfaces

I'Car DMS is at the heart of your business processes to improve your organization productivity and your service quality.

• Cover all your professions: new/used car sales, aftersales, warehouse
• A unique database and a standard functional core, enhanced according to your expectations and your organizations
• Additional modules (BI, CRM, configurator, dynamic display) for a solution that fits the evolution of your needs
• Numerous manufacturer interfaces included
• Linked to leading business solutions (bodyshop valuation, stock management, accounting…)
• Native integration for on-board computing (tablet, telephone, website, web, EDM…)

With I'Car DMS you rely on a long-term and evolving solution, always in synergy with your manufacturer(s).

A rich ecosystem interfaced with your business and manufacturer applications