The Automotive ERP / Add-on

Functions & Benefits

Optimizing I'Car DMS operation means ensuring your team efficiency.

Aftersales Activity brought Forward

Enhance your aftersales results and receive your customers in a customized way.
Proactive appointment management, courtesy cars, attention to customers, workshop load refined management...

Optimize Stocks

Centralize and consolidate supplies.
Order according to purchase targets, multicriteria price grid, promotional sales, retailer tracking, multicriteria cycle analysis…

Sales more profitable

Manage your new/used car portfolios, pilot your sales by identifying and specifying your priorities. Business tracking, sales reporting, multicriteria targeting, multi-stocks, manufacturer incentive tracking …

Focus on Customer Relation

Place the customer relation at the heart of your processes. Create, realize operations to retain customer loyalty and use additional sale sources. Create automated scenarios, quality processes…

Real-time BI

Go beyond figures and give a new meaning to your results thanks to an exhaustive, reliable and real-time view of your activity, via dashboards and dynamic indicators. Activity and profitability tracking, financial balance control …

Manufacturer Portals & Electronic Catalogues

Direct access to the Web via business menus and screens. The solution is fully compatible with manufacturer ordering portals and electronic catalogues.



GDPR – Customer Consent Management and History

This functionality is part of the Personal Data Protection strengthening process. I'Car DMS enables front office customer consent collection.

+ Get compliant with the new European Directive

Anti-fraud Law

I'Car DMS Certification first step to meet the Tax Administration requirements, deletion function security extended to all accounting entries.

Accounting entry cancellation traceability via an audit function.

+ Accounting entry secured
+ Manual deletion prohibited

Customer Sale Function Dematerialization optimized

Configurable function to make all invoices available in digital format (PDF), in order to feed a third-party application or to submit these PDF files in a shared directory.

This function can be started automatically or scheduled via Batch.

+ Invoice digitization


Option to optimize the Replacement of Parts with In-progress

When this option is enabled, the user can target replace parts (with stock transfer), part replacement is then also done in backorders and picking slips (Warehouse picking slips, Workshop picking slips, Appointment picking slips).

+ Operation optimized
+ Automation increased

Purchase Discount List

New report developed: Purchase Discount list to almost instantaneously display the various elements included in existing Purchase Discounts: Brand, Order type, Coefficient, Discount ...

+ Tracking improved

Travelling Salespersons

Changing Travelling Salespersons in customer files can now be done in bulk mode.

+ Time saving


Subcontracted Works invoiced from AlphaCar

Subcontracted work lines invoiced from AlphaCar can be matched and thus retrieved in “Miscellaneous Purchase Invoices” module.

+ Checking eased


New Sage 100 Compatible Cash developed

All incoming and outgoing transactions can be entered in this new cash and then be manually integrated in Sage100 via a TXT file created in I’Car DMS, this allows for matching in your accounting software.

+ Interoperability

Period Closure

Periods can now be closed automatically via a Batch event.

+ Time saving


I'Car DMS Authentication

Feature to force the user to create a new password when logging in I’Car DMS.

PDF Files

• Feature to change PDF file naming, the “PDF Description” field was added at print model level.

• PDFs created for some specific documents (Workshop, VN, UV, and Warehouse Invoices, Quote, Order form...) can be exported via Batch event to be made available to end customers, e.g. in an internet site customer space.

• “PDF Creation” bulk processing screen changed, now offering: - a feature to transfer PDF files individually (and not only grouping them in a single file), - to select the transfer directory.

+ Customization increased